Storage Tank Design Process

The codes and standards we utilize to build bulk storage systems have significantly advanced over the past 50 years since we delivered our first order. Meeting these technical design challenges is our team of experienced graduate engineers with advanced degrees and professional licenses in Mechanical and Structural Engineering.

We utilize the latest industry-standard design software to assist us.   


Our approach is simple but effective.  Communicate often and collaborate between ourselves, partners and clients. 



Our drafting professionals utilize SolidWorks 3D software.  The steps and detail we place in drafting helps us be more efficient and effective when we begin fabrication and construction.  Once a project is complete our clients will receive a detailed close out book with all of the drawings.  


Work with Tate


Tate partners with clients to meet their needs through quality design and construction.

We collaborate with various industries to produce steel and alloy plate structures such as industrial storage tanks, pressure vessels, stacks, silos and more.

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