Field Erected Tanks

Tate Metalworks has over 50 years of experience erecting API storage tanks and ASME Vessels.  We specialize in high alloy and carbon steel material, working on projects ranging from 14’ to over 160’ in diameter and over hundreds of feet in the air and various roof configurations.  In the field, as in the shop, our first and foremost commitment is to safety.

Our Craftsman in the field are full-time employees averaging over decade of experience.  All field crews are certified welders under Section IX of the ASME Code. 

Tate Metalworks also supplies large ductwork and structures.    

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We have full control of our process from when material arrives until the project is completed. Our Quality standards follow ASME Section VIII Quality Control Program. Each piece of material is given a unique identifier once we receive it. We know where every piece is going prior to it being installed on the tank. Our quality standards begin with our experienced Draftsman and end with our Certified Welding Inspector.  

Tate Quality Standards 

Tate partners with clients to meet their needs through quality design and construction.

We collaborate with various industries to produce steel and alloy plate structures such as industrial storage tanks, pressure vessels, stacks, silos and more.

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