what we do

Tate Metalworks, Inc. is a Global Supplier of Storage Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Stacks, Silos, and Specialty Steel & Alloy Plate Products

TATE METALWORKS, INC. is a Veteran-owned business and full service supplier of shop-fabricated and field-erected steel and alloy plate products. Products include both shop fabricated and field erected storage tanks and ASME Code pressure vessels, silos, bins and hoppers, dry and wet absorbers and precipitators, reactors, clarifiers, fermenters, columns, platforms, ladders, and railings.


Tate Metalworks, Inc. is a "Safety First Priority" Company. This means that the well-being of our associates, our fellow workers, our customer associates working beside us, comes before any schedule or budget constraint. Safety has to be the first priority when building a project.

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