Quality Control

At Tate Metalworks we are committed to quality.  Our craftsmen are the heart of our quality standards.  We believe in providing continuous training, the best equipment, and fostering a culture for our welders, draftsman and engineers to deliver their best on every project.  Our quality control is governed by the ASME Section VIII pressure vessel quality control program.  

This program assures us that our designs, material procurement, fabrication, welding, and in-process Non-Destructive Examination and testing meet both code and standard requirements, as well as client specifications for every project. 

Quality begins during the design process with our experienced team of engineers and draftsman and is carried through each project and routinely checked by our foreman, shop supervisors and Certified Welding Inspectors at each phase of fabrication and erection. 

All welders are certified in accordance with ASME Section IX.  


Over 300 Qualified Welding Procedures


Work with Tate 

Tate partners with clients to meet their needs through quality design and construction.

We collaborate with various industries to produce steel and alloy plate structures such as industrial storage tanks, pressure vessels, stacks, silos and more.

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